STICKS 'N CUPS™ - Best Yard Game Yet!

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STICKS 'N CUPS® is an action packed outdoor game for 2, 4 or even 6+ (4 is ideal) players competing as two teams. This new and exciting game will inevitably challenge your disc throwing and cup catching abilities.
How To Play
  • Game play equipment consists of a flying disc, 4 aluminum breakdown sticks (6 feet long), and 4 cups.
  1. Goal Setup: Securely embed two sticks into the ground 15" apart (Helpful hint: Use the flying disc plus a fist.) Do the same with the second pair of sticks 40 feet away.
  2. Place 1 cup on top of each stick
  3. Each team will stand behind a set of sticks.
Gameplay Overview (Download Complete Rules here)
  1. Teams determine who will shoot first by flipping a coin.
  2. Order of disc throwing: Team 1: Player 1, Team 2: Player 1, Team 1: Player 2, Team 2: Player 2, etc for more than 4 players.
  3. Playing Offense: Players take turns throwing the disc in effort to:
    • Put the disc through the opponents sticks cleanly (without touching the sticks or cups) OR
    • Strike the stick in effort to dislodge the cup.
  4. Playing Defense: The defense can 'steal' the point(s) for dislodged cups by catching the cup(s) before they hit the ground (without trapping).
  • Be the first team to score 11 points
  • You must win by two points.
  1. Disc thrown through sticks cleanly (without touching either stick): 2 points
  2. Disc goes through the sticks but touches at least one stick without dislodging a cup: 0 points
  3. Each cup that is knocked off of sticks:
    • Caught by defense: 1 point for the defense
    • Cup hits the ground: +1 point for the throwing team
  4. Scoring example:
    1. Both cups are knocked in the air
    2. Defense catches both cups
    3. Net result: +2 for defensive team